What is DarkRose Online?

Simply put, DarkRose Online is a TC (total conversion) of SHO/iROSE. As far as I know, it's the first completely new ROSE game since China ROSE, which shut down many years ago. Much like China ROSE, DarkRose is a very loose derivative of the ROSE system, mainly using ROSE as a general game engine that runs an entirely new game. DarkRose does not use any of the original ROSE maps, nor does it use the overwhelming majority of the original ROSE quests. There is an entirely new story, completely new worlds to explore, and several new skills to use. DarkRose also breaks away from the conventional ROSE format by completely eliminating job restrictions (just like FusionROSE did), opening up an entirely new way to play the game and fully customize your characters.

When is DarkRose coming out?

Simply put: when it's ready. Creating an entirely new game world is a massive undertaking. There are new maps to craft, new NPCs to create, new quests to write, etc. This requires thousands of hours of effort. The first build of the game will probably roll out in early 2020, but it will be only a fraction of the size of the proper, finished build.

What's the new story?

The original ROSE has you becoming a hero, doing good things throughout the land, engaging in combat with evil monsters, and just generally being a force for good. DarkRose, on the other hand, flips this concept completely on its head: you're now an antihero, spawned in Hell, and on a mission to take down a rival diabolic god. To accomplish your missions, expect to engage in all forms of underhanded tactics, such as deception, thievery, and assassination. Many of the original concepts are still here, such as clans (now called Legions) and vending.

Any technical details to share?

The client is a heavily modified version of and the server is based on the matching SHO server, which is also heavily modified. You are allowed five characters per account, and there are dozens of base configurations to choose from. Max combat level is 400, max damage is 9999, and max stat level is 900. As this is based on iROSE and not Evo or Pre-Evo, Dex does affect movement speed, and skill points use the original formula.