When it started out, FusionROSE was a collaboration to create a new iROSE server that would bring all kinds of new features to the format. The collaboration quickly dissolved, but the ideas remained, and FusionROSE would still be a new iROSE server, but with some new concepts that hadn't really been explored before, such as eliminating character jobs altogether, opening equipment and skills to all players. However, with interest in ROSE in general declining, it seemed best to permanently shelf this idea. The name had already been bought though, so it didn't make sense to let it go to waste. Instead, the domain name was used to launch a new ROSEdev site, which you are on right now.

FusionROSE Online is maintained and operated by Crimson Lace Studio, the developer of the upcoming DarkRose Online server. The main purpose of this site is to share development tools and tutorials with aspiring ROSE developers. ROSE is a rather complicated system at first and it has taken years for enough information to come together in one place to reign in the chaos.

A few people out there have been instrumental in making this all possible. I'd like to give credit to the following people for their contributions to the project, whether direct or indirect:

-PurpleYouko: For Project 137 and KT-Rose, which served as early prototypes for the FusionROSE idea.

-Raven: For your work on osirose-new, assistance with Revise, and many heated exchanges on Discord. :P

-lazypenguin: For your SHO source revision that formed the base build of both FusionROSE and DarkRose.

-l3nn0x: For your work on osirose-new.